Installing Superset on windows is pretty easy. Superset is built on top of flask framework hence we need to install Python before we start Superset installation. In this tutorial we will install Superset on windows operating system and Python 3.6  and configure it. Before we start you need to install Python. If you don’t have Python installation in your computer please click here to download and install the correct version of Python. To check the version of Python installed in your computer open your command prompt and run this command.


We will need to install cryptography library to encrypt connection password since Superset stores its connection data in its metadata database. On your command prompt run this command: pip install cryptography


Next we need to install virtualenv.  Virtualenv is a tool that creates Python environments. More often you will need to organize your Python projects hence you’ll need virtualenv to create isolated environments for you. Virtualenv is shiped with Python 3 and above. If you are using Python 2 then you need to install it. Run this command to install virtualenv: pip install virtualenv

We need to activate our virtualenv before we proceed. Navigate to a directory you want to install Superset and create a virtualenv directory, let’s call it demo although you can use any name . Use this command: virtualenv demo

This command creates a directory where your Superset will be installed. The next step is to activate the virtualenv.
Navigate to the Scripts directory inside your demo directory then run this command: activate

Upgrade Setuptools

Next we need to upgrade our setuptools and pip. Run this command: pip install upgrade setuptools pip

Superset Installation

To install and configure Superset run the following command: pip install superset

Create admin user. You will be prompted to set up username, first name, last name, email, and password: fabmanager createadmin app superset

Upgrade Superset database: python superset db upgrade

Load sample databases: python superset load_examples

Create default user roles and permissions: python superset init

Start superset development server:  python superset runserver -d

Click allow access if you are presented with the firewall windows.

superset installation allow firewall access
allow firewall access

After you have successfully run the above commands, go to your browser and enter this address http://localhost:8088, if you see a login screen congratulations you managed to install apache Superset else there was a problem while installing Superset.

superset installation login page
superset login

Login using the username and the password you set up during installation. On successful login you will see this welcome page.

superset installation welcome page
superset welcome page


Congratulation for successfully installing Superset. Installing apache Superset in windows is pretty easy just follow the above steps. However, since it is not largely supported on windows you might find some issues along the way.
It is recommended to install the latest version of python that is tested against the current distribution.

What’s Next

Now that we have successfully installed Apache Superset next we will go through Superset dashboard interface. You can visit previous tutorial to get to understand what is Superset.

Superset Installation

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4 thoughts on “Superset Installation

  1. Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I was worried as superset does not support windows.
    I just followed your instructions – was very easy.
    The only point I loast a few minutes was becaus of a missing hyphen in one command:
    fabmanager create–admin —app superset

    the caharacter ‘—’ looks like double hyphens – but it is a single something 🙁
    as I just copies the lines – it did not work until i changed it to ‘–‘

    Thanks again for the generous help

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